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:bulletorange: Topic: The art of dreaming. Join in the discussion!


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This section is for general dreaming and sleep-related topics. You are encouraged to add your advice for power dreamer skills, sleeping and delusions.


    :bulletpink: Do you ever wake up all puffy and saggy like a monster in the mornings? I do, on occasion. It happens when I eat a really salty snack before bed. Also, crying will do it to me. Cigarettes seem to add a pallor to my morning visage too. Otherwise, I have rarely woken up puffy after drinking water before bed, or having no snacks or cigarettes. :bulletpink: Dreaming is a skill and an art. :bulletpink: One must remember their dreams to have had them at all. :bulletpink: The difference between dreams and visions is that one experiences a vision in the here and now. A dream is too strange and thus recalled as a distant memory. :bulletpink: Dreams will always be remembered when written down. :bulletpink: Inspiration often comes from dreams. :bulletpink: Dreaming can happen 12 seconds after dozing off. Waking up 15 seconds later, one may have lived a long dream. :bulletpink: In dreams people are motivated, and often get up to walk around. These people are likely to experience other dream irregularities such as narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, night terrors and lucid dreaming. :bulletpink: Dreaming is genetically a part of one's individuality. However, it is a skill which can be cultivated. :bulletpink: Real nightmares leave a person screaming or crying. :bulletpink: Waking up from a dream intentionally can be painful. :bulletpink: Dying in a dream is a unique experience. :bulletpink: Dreams have significance. There is symbolism which one's subconscious interperets, like it or not. :bulletpink: Dreaming is lifting the veil to the Spirit World. :bulletpink: Carlos Castenada wrote fiction, which is the same thing as non-fiction. :bulletpink: Dreams about sex happen often. These dreams can be absolutely anything and everything. Sexy deviant dreams cause emotional stress in some, and erotic soulfulness in others. :bulletpink: Sigmund Freud was right about some dreams. However, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And, sometimes dreams allow a erson to surpass their mortal instincts. :bulletpink:Aliens are visiting people in dreams. They want you to follow them. :bulletpink: Lucid dreaming accomplishments are either private, or tainted by ego. :bulletpink: Drugs and alcohol inhibit dreaming. However, the gentle and deliberate use of certain medicines can afford great accomplishments in dreaming. :bulletpink: It's rude to dream at people uninvited. :bulletpink: Pinching one's self, patting one's self down, or doing a head-check while awake is a good exercise. One should do one of those things and say to themselves "am I dreaming" once a week. This increases the chance that the dreamer will realize they are dreaming while asleep. :bulletpink: Enthusiastic hollering, pointing at things, and following weird things in dreams are good ways to become conscious of dreams. :bulletpink: Dreaming is sometimes dangerous. :bulletpink: Dreaming is always an adventure.


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