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Submitted on
March 28, 2009


:bulletorange:Dream Journal: :bulletorange: Fiction Dream Journal::bulletorange: PDG ThumbShare Forum::bulletorange: Power Dreamer's Forum::bulletorange: Member's Forum: :bulletorange:PDG MOD Forum: :bulletorange:Features and Contests Forum::bulletorange: PDG Member's Art:  :bulletorange: PDG News::bulletorange: Illustrated Dreams::bulletorange:Contests::bulletorange:Membership Requests::bulletorange:


:bulletblue:  INVITED MEMBERS

    Congratulations, you've come to the right place! Just bypass the Two Ways to Join and leave your request to join the group in comments here. We'll add your name to the members list. Please use this section to request membership in the PDG. You are an invited member if:

      -  Your art was added to PDG Favorites. -  You received an invitation. -  A PDG moderator offered for you to stop by and join.

    Membership includes: Addition to our members list; participation in Features and Contests; access to the PDG Forums; News and Journal updates; and access to the group Witch Doctor in the Power Dreamer's Forum.

:bulletblue:  TWO WAYS TO JOIN

    Notice: It's super easy to join the PDG! Just add your art or written dreams and request to be added to our membership list.

    Post a request to join the Power Dreamers Group here. That's the easiest way to join. We know you're not made of dreams... It takes time to dream one up before you can add to the group. Request membership in the comments section below. You can participate when you remember a dream.  

    If you remember your dreams, write one of them down in the PDG Dream Journal. We will add your written dream to the Illustrated Dream Journal. - SHOW ART WITH NO WRITTEN DREAM… Post thumbnails of dream art in the PDG ThumbShare Forum:… . A moderator will add your art to the PDG Illustrated Dream Journal. Using the PDG Thumbshare Forum helps publicize the PDG. If you have dream-related art, post thumbnails of them in the PDG PDG ThumbShare Forum. The Thumbshare Forum is the best way to share art with no written dream to the PDG. - ART WITH TEXT power-dreamers-group.deviantar… Post art with a text version of the relevant dream(s) in the Dream Journal: power-dreamers-group.deviantar… . Please remember put the link at the top of the dream text. Using the Dream Journal encourages discussion. A moderator will add the dream art to the Illustrated Dream Journal on the left side of your written dream to keep sequential order. Not everybody dreams all of the time. Just join up and participate when the dreams come back. Also, you can look through your art to find dream-related work. Adding to the group with your dreams and dream art supports our group effort to create an illustrated dream journal.


It is OK to write your dreams in the PDG Thumbshare Forum. A moderator will add the art to the Illustrated Dream Journal on the left side of the dream, or in sequential order.


    Not everyone is a power dreamer, but we do share one thing in common. That is dream art. We're members because our art is surreal and related to dreams. The very theme of dreaming turns realism into surrealism here. Hopefully, those of us who dream will share in the dream journal. Those who don't recall dreams can still participate. Let's make PDG a living, breathing illustrated dream journal!

Written Dream Gallery::writersblock:
    - Dreams written in the PDG Dream Journal are collected by staff and resubmitted as group deviations. You can submit your own written dreams here! These dreams are collected in the PDG Gallery, the Illustrated Dream Journal, and PDG Dream Related Favorites.

Illustrated Dreams::gallery:
    - The PDG Illustrated Dream Journal is our best group creation yet. Using the Thumbshare Forum and the Dream Journal, group members add dreams and art to the group. These are paired together in the Illustrated Dream Journal.

    - Get out your sketchbooks! There is still room for more artists, and more submissions here!

PDG ThumbShare Forum: :thumbsup:
    - The Thumbshare Forum is the best way to share your dream-related art with the group. The Power Dreamers Group relies on you to submit art, rather than you relying on us to browse your galleries looking for dream art.

Power Dreamer's Forum:sleepy:
    - Our group Witch Doctor wtchdr46 will be stopping by the Power Dreamer's Forum to see if there are questions he can help with.

Dream Journal:  :writersblock:
    - The more you write your dreams, the more you will remember.

:bulletblue:  NOT A DREAMER? power-dreamers-group.deviantar…

    Tiny simple changes can prepare you to add your dreams and/or dream-related visual arts to our group. A little discipline and timing is usually all it takes.

-  Tricks:

    Experience proves it's useful to keep your paper or laptop right by the bed. This way you can write down your dreams when you wake up, before they fade. Also, the right subconscious messages help too eg: "I will wake when the alarm goes off and write down my dreams." or the classic "I will remember my dreams in the morning." Also, be forewarned that the word can't is a roadblock to remembering. As soon as a person says "I can't remember my dreams", they lose the power to recall them. Time your sleep cycles. Discovering how long one sleep cycle is for you gives you the power to wake up right after REM sleep. It is easiest to measure one sleep cycle at a time, although a person has 2 or 3 cycles in any given night. Many people dislike short naps, so I suggest aiming to time two sleep cycles. The average sleep cycle is 3-4 hours. If you wake up at the end of your sleep cycle, you should feel more refreshed and remember more dreams than if you sleep 20 minutes longer or shorter. That's because the dopamine has been processed by your kidneys. Sleep for an extra 20 minutes, and the dopamine will be back in your system.

-  Steps for timing your sleep cycles:

    Here are the easy steps for measuring your sleep cycles: NOTE: If you remember a dream in any step, take note of how long you slept, and set your alarm for the same length of sleep every night. Step 1: Place your dream journal close by the bed. You are going to time the length of time you sleep. Step 2: Set an alarm for a 6 hour sleep. If it takes .5 hours to fall asleep, set it for 6.5 hours. Immediately when you awake, write whether or not you remember any impressions of dreams, and estimate your grogginess on a scale of 1-10. 1 being refreshed, and 10 being dead. Step 3: Set an alarm for an 8 hour sleep. Take note of your dreams and grogginess again. Step 4: If you still recall nothing from dreams upon awaking. at either 6 or 8 hours of sleep, adjust the time between 6 and 8 hours of sleep. Repeat this step until you wake up and remember a dream. Take note of your dreams and grogginess every time. CAUTION: Dreams are intensely awesome experiences and may be too radically amazing for some people. However, dreaming is appropriate for all ages. LOL CAUTION: Hamsters with machine guns are too radically amazing. However, they deserve cupcakes.



:bulletorange:Dream Journal: :bulletorange: Fiction Dream Journal::bulletorange: PDG ThumbShare Forum::bulletorange: Power Dreamer's Forum::bulletorange: Member's Forum: :bulletorange:PDG MOD Forum: :bulletorange:Features and Contests Forum::bulletorange: PDG Member's Art:  :bulletorange: PDG News::bulletorange: Illustrated Dreams::bulletorange:Contests::bulletorange:Membership Requests::bulletorange:
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Inudoragon23 Jan 16, 2011  Student General Artist
Hmmm... I am the kind of person who can remember dreams well. I'm kind of having a hard time following exactly what I need to do to join. I'm also confused with all of the submission stuff. I made my own dream group a few days ago, and I'm looking for other examples to kind of build off of to get started as well. This looks like a group I could join. Can you tell me the basic rules of this group (simplified)?
KansasArtist Feb 7, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Simplified, joining is open. Just join.

We have a dream journal gallery and a dream illustration gallery and more. Check out the galleries and add.

We have discussions about dreams in the Power Dreamers Forum.

PencilRenaissance Dec 9, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I got an invite. Can i join?
I :heart: dreams :wave:
KansasArtist Dec 9, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes. Invitation sent :)
november511 Nov 22, 2009
i would love to join :D
Boschman Nov 19, 2009  Student General Artist
hello :D It's long time ago when i'm get invitition from you, but at last im here :) i liked to join of corse :D
It's a pleasure to have you around. :)
caliipso Nov 19, 2009
sure i guess i'll join, thanks for the invite, looks like an interesting club! :XD:
We provide the forum, you provide the dreams. Hope you have fun with it!
oh oh oh! could i join? i love dreamin,and writing/drawing find it so fun!
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