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Sleep and Dreams Contest
-  sleep and dreams and everything between.


Submit by note to stillnotsorry

Here's the task:

    You have to do anything with the theme 'sleep' or 'sleepless'. It's free for your imagination (it could also be about dreams), but please have a little look after what really has to do something with it and what does not. It can be any kind of media what counts the most is for sure how it looks and also what you want to express with it!

So go get your pencil, your cam or even your mouse to create a nice piece of art for taking part in this contest. A few more 'rules' and what you have to do with the picture you want to take part with:


    1.  It is possible to submit a Deviation that already exists.      2.  If you have your picture, submit it to Deviantart and Note or Comment stillnotsorry with the link to the Deviation. :iconstillnotsorry:


Here is a list with the contest rewards. Thank you for all those who have offered to give rewards.

It would be great if you want to offer another reward so the list will grow a little, please comment if you want to do so. And I'm also looking for people who want to help me with the judgement. Send a note to stillnotsorry to add a prize!

    1st Place     Highly detailed sketch by Ahsayuni-Love     Watercolor Painting by sanoshinna     Journal Feature by sanoshinna     Journal Feature by stillnotsorry     Journal Feature by MyBurningEyes     2nd Place     Charcoal Sketch by LBowdenDesigns     Cartoon Style drawing or Colouring Lineart by JonZiVi     Journal Feature by sanoshinna     Journal Feature by stillnotsorry     Journal Feature by MyBurningEyes     3rd Place     Journal Feature by sanoshinna     Journal Feature by stillnotsorry     Journal Feature by MyBurningEyes


The Contest will run until the end of March. Come back soon to stay updated about prices, I wish you all luck and fun with this contest! Thank you for taking part (: If you miss anything or have questions do not hesistate to ask.

Big thanks to stillnotsorry:iconstillnotsorry:
for hosting this contest!

secretlens Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2010
can we enter more than one piece? and it can be a drawing of someone sleeping correct?
KansasArtist Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Direct your questions here please: :iconpunksternle:
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Submitted on
February 6, 2010