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Submitted on
August 17, 2009


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The PDG Dream Journal is where writings are added to the illustrated dream journal.

Please, feel free to post more dreams in your own way. I suggest you write in the dream journal, of course. However, you may also describe and link to the original dream writing, if you think they're too long. You can choose.

I encourage you to paste the whole dreams here, if it's OK with you. Let's encourage discussion here with descriptions if you just post links.

Dreams written here will be submitted by PDG as literature. These lit. submissions will be paired in Favorites with any one visual artwork you reference in the Dream Journal.

We all may comment on dreams here. That's what friends are for!


Your vivid dreams deserve to be illustrated! You are surrounded by artists with mad skills. You may have some skill yourself. Even if you draw stick-figures only, you can illustrate a dream on a dinner napkin!

Avoid blowing a blood vessel over it and illustrate your dreams as simply as you feel! Creative writers can ask for help around the DA Forums.

There is so much talent here that we're overflowing with dream art at DA. It's high time you illustrated those dreams you've written down. You can submit them to the PDG ThumbShare Forum: and we'll pair them with text versions of your dreams!

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Member's dreams are paired with the author's relevant art.


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KansasArtist Aug 25, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
I dreamed that my cell phone had many extra batteries. They were stacked like little books in my tiny leather film case.

I keep realizing that it's a dream. I keep becoming aware of the time and waking up to accomplish deadlines.

My internal clock is scary accurate. It wakes me up exactly when it should. It's apparently my subconscious reminding my body to wake me up with precision timeliness.

I often wake up at 4:20 AM +/- 5 minutes. I'll often sleep late if there is a delay in my daily plans. I'll wake up early if there is work to do before the day starts.

There are no clocks in my home. I carry a clock/phone, and check it just before going to sleep and immediately after waking up.

Just before going to sleep, I check the time and tell myself that I will wake up at a certain time. I'm in such a routine of doing that, it's habitual. When I've forgotten to tell myself what time to rise, my subconscious does it for me. I always check the clock before bed with the intention of synchronizing my subconscious clock with real time.

All that I've said relates to my regularly occuring lucid dreams. It's just when I become lucid that I wake up at a specific time.

I wonder if moving from REM to beta waves makes a person more apt to be lucid. On the other hand, being lucid may move a person towards alpha waves and waking.
KansasArtist Aug 19, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
Night before last I went to sleep with a splitting headache. I woke up in the middle of the night with the headache ebbing. But someone was knocking on my window.

I startled and my heart throbbed. The headache rushed back with every heartbeat. I closed my eyes against the pain and went back to sleep.

I dreamed that maggots were eating my brain. I felt my neck and found the place where the transmitters had been installed in my head. I dreamed about the paranoid schizophrenics I've seen in movies. I dreamed that I was schizophrenic.
KansasArtist Aug 19, 2010  Professional Traditional Artist
I have been sleeping in shifts.

Last night I dreamed that my son was in school I was very proud of him. I saw him playing and flourishing with the other kids.
MyArtself Nov 14, 2009  Professional Artisan Crafter
I was walking in sort of a big house or a castle, which had around 3 floors. I remember that I ran down the stairs because I was looking for someone... the walls were white, the corridors of each floor had a small inner garden with flowers and birds.
KansasArtist Nov 14, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
Last night I closed my eyes, relaxing before sleep would set in. As I often do, I let images roll through my head like a theatre.

I saw a big hill, shaped like a hill you would find in parts of china. It was enormous, with road going over it.

I ran and ran up the hill, and peered over the down-slope and bravely ran down!

It was so steep I fell head over heels afraid. Then I remembered to lay down flat and I slid to a stop.

I rolled on down the hill, which changed its shape. The road began spiraling up and down. If I stood up I could fall down off of the ground. I fell and fell.

It was great fun and when I awoke from my sleep that was the only dream I remembered.
KansasArtist Nov 14, 2009  Professional Traditional Artist
I dreamed that I had a full bag of tobacco with rolling papers. I could smoke, even though I had believed I was out.

I woke up and remembered that I was out of rolling papers.
kristi-chan Oct 24, 2009
I've had two interesting dreams in the last few days, but I'm still sketching out the latest one, so here's the one I had on the 20th (I will also give links to the images in the Illustrated section):

Some sort of incident, what it was I'm not exactly sure, happened, which caused a young boy to slowly turn into a demon. His friend was effected by this incident as well, but her situation was different.

His skin was slowly turning a bluish gray, his hair a dark blue with a little green hue to it, eyes a sharp bright blue, grew grayish green-blue horns, and small wings and looked like a bat's. The wings were just under his skin, as if they were using the flesh around them to form. The best way I describe their appearance, is it was kinda like seeing a splinter; just under the skin but you can still see it. It was kind of cool looking, actually.

The wings discontinued growing until the rest of his transformation had finished, then within a second they shot out and had a more demonic appearance. He was still very much himself personality-wise, but he was more angry.

The girl didn't go through any transformation other than her hair turning white and gaining healing powers, which sparkled like silver-white glitter. At one point they were being chased by someone or something (the dream was blurry then), but she was healing her friend as he flew away trying to get away from danger; he was either injured from the thing or was straining his wings trying to fly away as he carried her on his back.
starfruit121 Sep 30, 2009  Student Traditional Artist

Its a pretty long dream....So I thought that it would just be easier to post a link, mainly so as not to take up a ton of room on this page
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