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I’m standing there
In and unaware
Of what I have done
All I know to do is run
My hands covered in blood
The same blood that is in the flood
I see a knife on the ground
I back away from it
Realizing that all the carnage and tears
Are the realization of my greatest fears
I’ve harmed those that harmed me
But the innocent were caught
In the crosshair of my rage
I want to die
For losing myself
To my primal emotions
For letting my anger out in such a horrific way
I don’t want to live another day
It’s at this point that I wake up
Feeling like this screw up
Was very real
I’ll never get over that dream.
I never recorded it. I had this dream a couple years ago and it was so traumatizing that It stuck with me in my every day conscious.
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Submitted on
September 17, 2012


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