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Look here for help submitting art to the gallery.


If you experience difficulty or are having trouble adding art to the PDG, try this:

-  Choose a folder before adding art

-  Add art in the gallery folder instead of the Power-Dreamers-Group profile page.

:iconletter-hplz::iconletter-oplz::iconletter-wplz: :iconletter-tplz::iconletter-oplz:


-  FEATURED:  closed
All featured folders are closed for use as features on the Power-Dreamers-Group profile page.

-  DREAM ART FOLDERS: Add your art to the "Dream Images" gallery collection and the "Illustrated Dream Journal" in Favorites

-  WRITTEN DREAM FOLDERS: Add your written dreams to the "Written Dreams" gallery collection and the "Illustrated Dream Journal" in Favorites


-  In the journal and on the gallery web page there are links which say "Submit to this Gallery"



- TITLE: The words "Dream Journal" followed by a 2 digit number. Number each writing by 10 and rename revisions 11, 12, 13 etc. followed by the word "by" and your DeviantArt name.

eg: Dream Journal 10 by JaneDoe

- BODY: All text in your dream-related journal, diary or prose.

- IMAGE LINKS: The words: "dream images:" followed by links to the original images meant to accompany this writing. Links can lead to DA pages, blogs or any safe place on the internet.


Drm Jrnl 10, JaneDoe




Dream Journal 40,Lifelike66044


Dream Journal 40 by Lifelike66044

There I was, eating cereal and playing in Photoshop. My father was in the kitchen making chili.

I open the brush palette in Photoshop and install a new brush to try it out. It's a smoke brush, and it looks great!

I get up to stretch and see that Dad has used all of my ground beef in his chili. It frustrates me since I needed that beef for the weeks meals. Now it'll be chili all week.

I bite my tongue and go back to the computer. I am seething because nobody sees the world from my perspective.

In the Photoshop brush palette I open a new one. It's a brush of my son, who will be eating chili all week. I try the brush out, and it's very realistic.

I try another, and another brush. One is my fiance, one is a brush of my home. One is a brush of my drawing supplies, another is a ham sandwich. I stamp the digital image with all of the brushes. They pile on top of each other black and white.

In reality, I had just made a composition like it. This was the night before. in real life however, there were no brushes of my family or home. It was just a collage of intriguing new brushes in chaotic composition.

dream image: [link]


Attention! PDG moderators are wanted. Apply in the Member's Forum please: power-dreamers-group.deviantar…

If you want to be a part of the PDG, and you can drop in weekly then apply for Press Secretary or Moderator!

What to include in your application:

1. Why you are interested
2. Links to your creative journal entries.


Ask Staff Questions or give advice here.

Add group moderation suggestions and questions in the comments here, please.

If you have the heart of a teacher, then look here for questions that we have not yet solved.


-  Group Overview:

This group is meant to be a dream journal repository. Art and prose are welcome!

Group members should be able to add their images to this group; add their literature regarding dreams; and comment freely in a way which makes it easy to find relevant comments.


Staff List:

    Administrator:        :iconkansasartist: -  Site originator, at your service. Makes decisions which standardize this group. Major changes in layout and presentation of journals, profile and features must be cleared with the Administrator. Group Captain: :iconbeautasha: of :icondoodling-club: -  Group Captain provides expertise and outreach to group members. Modifies and updates journal entries. The PDG does not add new journal entries. This person should be ready to use plz graphics and design Smilebox features. Press Secretary: ******** ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS - LadySelena needs a break. -  Press Secretary defines our group image in press releases to the DA community. The person who fills this position should write news articles and announcements in journal entries. Moderators :iconmyartself: ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS - Moderators answer questions and police the PDG forums, which are journal entries and the thumbshare forum. MODs Watch for spam and advise people privately if they are posting dreams in the wrong places. Moderators also submit written dreams as group deviations according to group standards and add new members to the member's forum.



-  PLZ Graphics Limitations:

The rules state that there is no good reason for any journal entry to have more than 64 icons in it. This includes plz presentations and  member lists.

Power-Dreamers-Group staff can find a complete group list in the Google Docs. This list can be used to send announcements to all members, including those who are listed but do not watch The Upstage.

- Member Activities:

You can encourage participation by adding your own news articles to the Blog and the DA News section with clear use of Power-Dreamers-Group icon :iconpower-dreamers-group:.

Also, you can encourage new users and participation with features and contests.

Post your announcements utilizing the News, Thumbshare forum, Collections and Polls.

Utilize links to consolidate projects that involve Collections, Thumbshare, polls, News etc. These are permanent locations where you can collect information and make announcements.

Every time you update a Blog entry, all of the group watchers see it.

Update links found on Power-Dreamers-Group Home page. Those tell the public where to find things, so they need to be accurate. Changes that you make should be followed-up immediately.

- Group Submissions:

Contest entries and features should each have their own Collection in Favorites. After the contest closes, a MOD must close the folder. It is then one of our permanent features. These can be changed by Moderators with priveleges to manage members

- Visual Art:

All visual art should be posted in the Gallery in the correct Folders.

Favorites Collections of visual art are useful and creative ways to exhibit art.

- Contests:

Hold features and contests online at will. Ask other Moderators to assist you.

Plan ahead details about deadlines, how to submit entries, who what when and where etc.

Participating in contests gives Power-Dreamers-Group the right to copy and upload submitted art to a 3rd party image host such as Smilebox or Imageshack. Contest advertisements contain a notice or implication to this effect:
"All submissions made in this contest may be uploaded to a 3rd party image host for the sole purpose of featuring the artist in a FLASH presentation."

- Adding Favorites to the Group:

Group members can add to our favorites.

Members can request new Collections in the group Favorites for their own purposes. They should ask a moderator to do this for them.

Only Moderators can reorganize Folders and Collections.

- Sexual Harassment and Hate Speech Policy:

Report all harassment and hate speech to the DA Help Desk. Help Desk

Sexuality is part of dreaming for people both under 18 and over. Anyone engaging in sexual harassment may be banned from the Power-Dreamers-Group website with or without warning. Let's remember to be gracious to underaged members and never get personally involved with strangers. Report directly to the DA Help Desk Help Desk if you feel harassed, or threatened, even a little.

Hate speech will not be tolerated. Please report all hate speech immediately.

Be vigilant about new aquaintances online. Never give out any private information to anyone online. Always ask a person to stop their behavior if it makes you feel uncomfortable. Reporting sexual harassment to the DA Help Desk Help Desk is best, even if you don't feel threatened. DA Staff are trustworthy and will prevent such behavior from getting out of hand.


Forum Moderation:

Talk about art and events in Power-Dreamers-Group forums.

Spamming is defined as off-topic or unsolicited commenting and is discouraged. It's alright to be friendly and be yourself without being a spammer.

If members insist on talking off-topic in the Power-Dreamers-Group forums, they must avoid advertising and sexual content.

All staff are free to moderate the Blog entries, Comments in Blogs, Polls, Slideshows, Galleries, artworks and the thumbshare forum.

Please do be gentle with the spammers. Our main goal is to avoid embarassing them.

Moderators should practice the following when policing forums:

-warn spammers gently once privately. A Note works well. If a private message seems inappropriate, a public note is fine.

-Follow-up with a short public reply if spamming continues.

-hide comments which are considered spam or inappropriate conduct.

-Spammers will be reported to the Help Desk and may have their IP addresses banned by a moderator with priveleges.


- Press Duties:

-  Advertising method 1: Make FAV Collections in search of artists and add the art which is relevant.

Reply politely to these artist's thank-you-notes with informative details in your signature.

-  Advertising method 2: Propose features on Power-Dreamers-Group page, your own page, permanent Collections or even live exhibits.

Avoid offering to FAV art in trade for participation in this club. That's spam.

-  Advertising method 3: Go to groups which list other groups, and send them a note about us.

Be sure that our Groups list looks attractive, informative and says what it needs to say.

-  Advertising method 4: Look for journalism blogs and news featuring groups and new ideas. Send them a note about us.

Feature their articles in your Blogs.

Add interesting groups and individuals to your watch list

-  Advertising method 5: Make pretty Blogs with our group icon in it.

-  Advertising method 6: Look in our FAV collection, and make appropriate comments on the art, theme, or symbolism. Also, give out kudos for adding to the dream journal. Avoid spamming these artists.

-  Advertising method 7: Just be sure that the information about our group is in your siggy and journal. If possible put :iconpower-dreamers-group: on your profile page, and be sure all moderators also include the :iconpower-dreamers-group: on their profile pages.


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